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The Complete Viking discs set gives you everything you need to take disc golf seriously, or just try out a new brand of plastic -- at an ultra affordable price! With a selection of quality discs encompassing an array of different speeds and stability, the Viking disc set is your answer for nearly every potential disc golf shot.

This set includes overstable, understable, and maximum distance drivers. Conquer your driving game with more distance and discs that will always finish to the right or left. Perfectly shape shots in the woods with an understable and stable fairway drivers, as well as straight and stable midrange discs. For those crazy approach shots that need to spike straight to the ground, there is nothing like the Loki utility putter.  Lastly, this set will help you to make more putts by sampling from both a beaded and beadless putting putter in the great feeling Ground plastic. 

This bulk set includes all 11 discs in the Viking lineup. Five of these discs have ultra grippy Ground plastic while the remaining six are in the premium Storm and Armor blends allowing you to sample Vikings different plastic types. 

Pack Includes:
Distance Drivers

  • Berzerker Understable Driver
  • Ragnorak Maximum Distance Driver
  • Valhalla Stable Distance Driver
  • Thunder God Thor Overstable Driver

Fairway Drivers

  • Barbarian Stable Driver
  • Cosmos Understable Driver


  • Axe Straight Midrange
  • Nordic Warrior Slightly Overstable Midrange
  • Loki Utility Putter (Perhaps the most overtable disc you'll ever throw!)


  • Knife - Beadless Putter
  • Rune - Big Bead Putter

When buying the Complete Viking set in bulk you pay less than $9 per disc!


Our Price: $99.50


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