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Product Type : Starter Sets

The Viking Discs Tournament Set is an 8 disc set that is geared towards intermediate to advanced players! This set features a mix of Viking Discs' premium plastics (Storm & Armor), in a variety of discs that will compliment an intermediate / advanced player's game. This set also includes both of Viking Discs newer releases, the Odin and Fenrir. This set includes the following discs:

  • Viking Discs STORM KNIFE
  • Viking Discs STORM LOKI
  • Viking Discs STORM FENRIR
  • Viking Discs STORM ODIN
  • Viking Discs ARMOR THOR
  • Viking Discs ARMOR WARRIOR
  • Viking Discs ARMOR BARBARIAN
  • Viking Discs ARMOR VALHALLA

Note: Color and weight of the discs will vary. Weights are generally 167+ (often in the 170s).

Our Price: $92.99 - $92.99


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