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Product Type : Starter Sets

The Yikun 7 Disc Complete set is the ultimate disc golf kit designed to get you started in disc golf at an ultra low price. These carefully selected discs give you a variety of shots to help you handle any situation you will encounter on the disc golf course. 

This set includes an excellent selection of putters, approach discs, midrange understable, stable, and overstable drivers. Four of the discs in this set come in affordable Yikun base plastic while three of them include Yikun's premium Phoenix and Dragon blends.

If you're looking for the best value set in disc golf, try the Yikun 7 Disc complete set.

Discs included in the complete set include:

  • Tiger Yi Putter
  • Tiger Gui Stable Approach Disc
  • Phoenix Shu Straight Midrange
  • Tiger Kui Overstable  Midrange
  • Tiger View Understable Fairway Driver
  • Phoenix Jun Understable Driver
  • Dragon Fu Overstable Driver

Note that the disc molds included in the Yikun 7 disc complete set are different than those available in the Yikun 9 disc complete set, enabling disc golfers to try both sets with a new selection of discs. 

Our Price: $59.99 - $59.99


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